New Victory Dance








Try a little dance wherever you are! New Victory’s annual summer dance series features the most exciting New York City companies and soloists alongside exciting opportunities for kids and families to engage in a wide variety of dance styles together. 

New Victory Dance has provided free dance performances and free arts education workshops to more than 4,000 students a year from NYC Department of Education summer school enrichment programs, subsidized day camps and social service agencies. 

With seven pre-recorded video chapters featuring performances and at-home activities guided by New Victory Teaching Artists, each 20-25 minute chapter of New Victory Dance will be audio-described, sign-interpreted and captioned for viewer accessibility.

Keerati Jinakunwiphat

Good Island (Excerpt)

For everyone 8 and up


In Good Island, a group of powerful men explore the limits of rambunctiousness, sensitivity and competition.  Choreographer Keerati Jinakunwiphat harnesses the raw energy of her dancers to tell a story of high physicality and human connection.

Interpreter: Candace Broecker-Penn

Ballet Nepantla

Coco (Excerpt from Sin Fronteras)

For everyone 8 and up

Chapter 2


In Coco, Ballet Nepantla blends the two cultures of Veracruz together in a thrillling fusion of West African and Mexican folk dance. This celebrated company provokes the audience's imagination with tales of family, love, struggles and triumphs to celebrate the Latin American community.

Interpreter: Rick Rubin

Kate Weare Company

Sin Salida (Excerpts)

For everyone 8 and up

Chapter 3

Kate Weare upends tango’s traditional gender politics to explore how the partner-based fire of tango and the solitary beauty of contemporary dance can speak to, wrestle with and, ultimately, embrace each other in Sin Salida ("No Exit"). 

Interpreter: Jessica Ames

Mozaik Dance

Sad Hope (Excerpts)

For everyone 8 and up


Chapter 4

The three women of Mozaik Dance use popping mixed with other street styles and contemporary influences to look inward with Sad Hope.  Mapping our connection to love, anxiety and the ways we relate to one another, they ask, "How do we deal with emotion in a world that numbs our feelings?" 

Interpreter: Lynnette Taylor


And Still You Must Swing (Excerpts)

For everyone 8 and up

Chapter 5

Hailed “the most moving dance show of the year” by The New York Times, And Still You Must Swing brings together three of the best tap dancers in the world - Dormeshia, who leads the project alongside Derick K. Grant, and Jason Samuels Smith - to capture the heart and legacy of tap dance and honor the jazz roots of this American art form.

Interpreter: Jose Gomez, Jr. 

Jane Comfort and Company

You Are Here

For everyone 8 and up

Chapter 6

Celebrating 40 years of creating electrifying dance theater, Jane Comfort and Company’s You Are Here is an ode to the urban dwellers - the millions who improvise movement on the city's stage of busy sidewalks and streets.

Interpreter: Jacinda Damas

IMGE Dance

Envy (Excerpts)

For everyone 8 and up


Chapter 7

Ego. Judgement. Jealousy. In these excerpts from Envy - India 91 and Malaments - IMGS Dance uses rhythmic footwork, world music and storytelling to explore the darker side of human nature.  Intertwining mudras (Indian hands gestures), footwork and powerful body language, the company forms a global language that examines different narratives from our cultural history using dancers from diverse perspectives.   

Interpreter: Justine Rivera