Fractured Atlas - Interpreted/Open Captioned Artist Webinars

04/17/2018 12:55 pm


Fractured Atlas is a service organization to serve the needs of arts groups as well as individual artists in all disciplines, Fractured Atlas is a unique and vital resource. We value the role that the arts play in shaping our world, and we are constantly seeking new ways to facilitate their advancement.I'm reaching out now to let you know about Fractured Atlas’s accessibility initiatives, including our upcoming Captioned and ASL-Interpreted Webinars.

Fractured Atlas is committed to making our online learning resources accessible to as many artists as possible to better serve the disability community. To this end, we have begun a new initiative to make our webinars more accessible through better captioning of pre-recorded webinars, and live Captions and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) of live webinars. At present, we have captioned the following pre-recorded webinars:

On April 17 and May 15, we will be using CaptionAccess to live caption and provide VRI for free webinars about Fundraising/Individual Donors and Fractured Atlas’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program. We hope that you will amplify these initiatives to your community or even join us in April and May to learn about fundraising and fiscal sponsorship.

If you have any questions about Fractured Atlas, our programs, and our accessibility initiatives, please contact Fractured Atlas.

Fractured Atlas
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