INTREPID Sea, Air & Space Museum - Virtual Kids Week 2021 - Interpreted Events

02/19/2021 10:15 am



This winter recess, join the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum online for live animal demonstrations, hands-on workshops, virtual tours,
NASA astronaut talks and more during Virtual Kids Week 2021! Children of all ages and interests will learn more about STEAM through
activities and demonstrations designed to educate and inspire.

Programs will stream live on the Intrepid Museum’s twitchFacebook and YouTube channels.

American Sign Language interpretation will be provided for all sessions on Tuesday, February 16 (Safari & Nature), and on Friday, February 19 (Space & Science)!

Advance registration is encouraged but not required. Register to receive updates about the schedule, links to workshop materials and direct links to view all sessions!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021: Safari & Nature

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10:15am – Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Presents: Wild Antarctica

What adaptations does a species need to survive in Antarctica? Students will learn how species use special teeth, interlocking feathers, projectile vomiting and very deep dives to protect themselves in this wild and unique environment. (Recommended for ages 6-11

11:00am – Intrepid Museum Education Program: Camouflage: Now You See it, Now You Don’t it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes, it's a plane! Learn how animals have influenced military camouflage by exploring the ship and our aircraft collection! Then, create your own camouflaged creation that can hide in "plane" sight!

Noon – Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo Presents: Wild Adventure

Join Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo on a journey to discovery! Learn about incredible species from all over the world and even in your own backyard. Together we will find out what makes them unique and how we can help them thrive. (All Ages)

1:00pm – Wildlife Conservation Society

Join the Bronx Zoo for an exciting live animal demonstration! (All Ages)

2:00pm – Billion Oyster Project Presents: Oysters! What's really inside?

Students explore the external and internal anatomy of an oyster through observation, video dissection and a fun coloring puzzle challenge! (Recommended for grades 4-9)

3:00pm – Intrepid Adventures: African Americans in Space

Join us in celebrating Black History Month as we examine the role of African Americans in space exploration!

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Friday, February 19, 2021: Space & Science

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10:15am – Robofun: Video Game Coding Workshop

Kids can watch an entire video game being made from beginning to end using a software called Scratch. Discover how you can put together pieces of code to structure your own games, from a "maze" game to a "platform" game, to their own version of "Space Invaders." (Recommended for ages 7-12)

11:00am: Intrepid Museum Education Program: Star Stories

For millennia, people have gazed at the night sky and created stories about the pictures they see there. These same stars and constellations also allowed sailors to find their way back to port. Using images of the night sky, stories from different cultures and examples of simple navigation tools, a Museum educator will help participants view the sky in a whole new way.

Noon – Presentation by NASA Astronaut Stephen G. Bowen

Hear from NASA Astronaut Stephen G. Bowen as he talks about his time in space.

1:00pm – Science Friyay Activities with Theanne Griffith, Bill Doyle, Jennifer Holm, and John Rocco

Join us for a live science experiment with Theanne Griffith (The Magnificent Makers) followed by an additional live Escape This! activity played out by authors Jennifer Holm (The Lion of Mars), John Rocco (How We Got to the Moon), and Bill Doyle (Escape This Book!). (Recommended for ages 7-12)

2:00pm – Kerbal Space Academy

Learn the basics of designing and launching a rocket using a physics simulation game from the Kerbal Space Program.

3:00pm – Virtual Tour of the Intrepid Museum

Join a Museum educator on a virtual tour of the Intrepid Museum using the Google Arts and Culture site to explore the history of the ship and the crew who served from 1943-1974. (All Ages)

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